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Blue Mallow

Introducing dry Blue Mallow flowers, the stunning and versatile flower that is sure to become a staple in your herbal collection.

These beautiful flowers are native to Europe and North Africa, and are well-known for their striking blue color and delicate, sweet flavor. Not only are they visually stunning, but they also offer a range of health benefits.

When it comes to properties, dry Blue Mallow flowers have a soft, velvety texture and a sweet, floral taste. They can be used in a variety of culinary applications, such as in teas, syrups, and even in baked goods. They are also a popular choice for use in skincare products, as they can help to soothe and calm the skin. They can be used to make homemade face masks, toners, and even as a natural dye for soaps.

COMMON NAME Standardized: Mallow, Blue Mallow
BOTANICAL NAME Malva sylvestris Plant Family: Malvaceae


This product has been the subject of various scientific studies. While we don’t make any health claims about our product, we encourage interested customers to explore the wealth of scientific literature available on mentioned product.

To ensure compliance with government regulations, we are unable to specify any acclaimed benefits of this product. Nevertheless, we can confidently affirm that our product consistently meets the highest standards, contributing effectively to the body's natural functions as designed by nature.

It is essential to clarify that the content provided in this listing is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We strongly advise consulting with your healthcare provider before incorporating our products into your routine, especially if you have a known medical condition, are taking medications, or are pregnant or nursing.

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Jane Fisher
Still hasn’t arrived

I haven’t got my order. Please may I have my money back

Sarah White
Blue Mallow flowers

Good product, good price good service

Anna-Marie Haines

Blue Mallow

Courtney Stroup

This came exactly as it looks in the image. And it came super early as well. So happy I purchased this through this site. Will definitely shop here again

Katherine Stewart
I have not used these in any of my products yet, but they are stunning.

I have not used these in any of my products yet, but they are stunning. Everything arrives packaged perfectly and the colors are just as stunning as you see on the website! I will be purchasing more soon and I think I will go home and make some pretty bath bombs and soap!