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Yunnan Green Tea


Yunnan Green Tea, also known as Dian Qing or Yunnan Bi Luo Chun, is a type of green tea that is grown in the Yunnan province of China. This tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is known for its large, robust leaves.

Yunnan Green Tea has a unique flavor profile, with a rich, earthy taste and subtle notes of smoke and spice. The tea is smooth and full-bodied, with a slightly sweet finish. This tea is often compared to black tea, due to its strong flavor and rich aroma.

One of the main benefits of Yunnan Green Tea is its high concentration of antioxidants. The tea contains a range of polyphenols and catechins, which have been shown to have numerous health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and promoting healthy aging. Yunnan Green Tea is also high in caffeine, which can help boost energy and mental alertness.

To brew Yunnan Green Tea, start by heating water to about 70-80°C (158-176°F). Place 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves into a tea strainer or tea pot. Pour the hot water over the leaves and let steep for 2-3 minutes. This tea can withstand multiple infusions, so you can re-steep the leaves several times to get the most out of your tea.

Yunnan Green Tea is a great choice for those who love full-bodied, robust teas. Its unique flavor profile and health benefits make it a great addition to any tea collection, and its versatility makes it a great choice for both hot and iced tea.