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Sage - Sale

Sage is a member of the mint family and is known for its woody stems, fuzzy leaves, and delicate flowers. It has a warm, earthy flavor with hints of lemon...

From £9.99

Liquorice Root - Sale

Licorice Root is a popular ingredient in traditional medicine and culinary applications around the world. This woody, aromatic root has a unique flavor that is both sweet and slightly bitter,...

From £12.49

Spearmint - Sale

Spearmint (binomial Mentha spicata, synonym Mentha viridis), also known as garden mint, common mint, lamb mint and mackerel mint Parts used: Leaves Spearmint leaves can be used fresh, dried, or frozen. They can also be preserved in salt,...


Blue Cornflowers - Sale

COMMON NAME Standardized: cornflower flower  Other: bachelor's button, cyani BOTANICAL NAME Centaurea cyanus Plant Family: Asteraceae PARTS USED flowers   ---------------------- This product has been the subject of various scientific studies....

From £21.99

Yellow Rose Buds - Sale

COMMON NAME Standardized: Cabbage rose Other: Provence roseBOTANICAL NAME Rosa centifolia Plant Family: RosaceaeOVERVIEW The yellow rose buds has been valued for its beauty and its perfume for thousands of...

From £31.99

Stinging Nettle Leaf Cut - Sale

Stinging nettle leaf, or Urtica dioica, herb that has been used for centuries. It is a perennial plant that grows in many regions of the world, and is often considered...

From £12.99

Hibiscus Flowers - Sale

Dry hibiscus flowers are a popular ingredient in herbal tea blends and are known for their vibrant color and tart flavor. In addition to their health benefits, dry hibiscus flowers are...

From £10.59